Why Do You Need To Install Laminate Flooring In Your House?

Laminate Flooring For Home
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Laminate flooring is a multi-layered flooring that bears a stark resemblance with wood, stone or tile flooring depending upon the look and appearance of the flooring you desire. The topmost layer of the flooring is a high definition reflection of your desired flooring option. The base of laminate flooring is usually made of hardwood, but in rare circumstances, it can also have bamboo or stone on the surface. The surface of laminate flooring serves as a canvass to an exceptionally high-quality photograph and it looks very authentic and realistic.

This photograph is then covered by a transparent protective layer to prevent it from scratches. The surface layer is the strongest and it provides the protection that the floor often requires on a daily basis to guard its sheen against fading away with time. Then there is a core layer which is below the photograph and it is made of High-Density fiberboard. This fiberboard helps in providing structure to the flooring. In the end, there is a bottom layer to balance the floorboard and it is made to provide additional strength to your laminate flooring. It also stops the planks from cupping or bowing during the time of installation.

This type of flooring has become highly popular because people who cannot afford to exercise the option of original marble wood or granite floorings they often feed to their desire by resorting to the idea of laminate flooring in a bid to replicate what rest of the other form of flooring can produce or result in.

Laminate Flooring For Home
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There Are Many Other Advantages of Laminate Flooring Which Are Mentioned Below:

Durability: laminate flooring is one of the most durable tiles available in the market in recent times. It is secure and scratch-resistant therefore, it is apt and suitable for high traffic areas or houses with pets and children.

Easy to Install: When compared with other flooring options, laminate flooring is one of the easiest to install. It is so easy that homemakers can install it with DIY tricks learnt and honed by the virtue of watching a mere youtube video.

Price: While marble, granite or wooden flooring are expensive, laminate flooring is cheap and you can make it look like the way you wish.

Subfloors: It doesn’t matter what type of subfloor you have and it can be installed in any kind whether it is vinyl floors or concrete one. It is a smart choice to make if your storey is not compatible to for hardwood floor.

Styles: You get mirage of colours, styles and textures in Laminate flooring and they are available in different types of surface patterns, thickness and style of planks. The more is your budget, the better flooring option you will get.

Easy to Maintain: Laminate floorings are straightforward to clean and maintain because they are moisture and stain-resistant. If anything spills on the surface, it can be wiped out easily even with a single swipe of a cotton cloth. You don’t need special cleaners or polish to maintain laminate flooring. In the long run, these floors prove to be the most affordable options. To clean this flooring, you only require to rinse it well with wet or dry moping nothing else.

Hypoallergenic: One of the best things about these laminate flooring is their hypoallergenic nature which means they do not trap dust and other particles that may become the reason for allergies for many people. It also protects moulds and termite from breeding its progeny beneath the floor in different layers or the corners.

Versatility: You can use it almost anywhere without the fear of damage. No matter whether it is a high traffic area or not, laminate floorings have now become a most recommended alternative to any form of flooring be it wrapped in marble, granite or any other costly material used conventionally for the purpose of traditional flooring.

Laminate Flooring is the newest edition in the flooring options. As soon as it was launched, it gained popularity among masses because it was manufactured to overcome the flaws of hardwood with an objective to provide stylish options to homemakers, builders and architects. But one thing to keep in mind is to buy it only.

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