What You Need To Know About Responsible Fishing In Costa Rica ?

Cost Of Deep Sea Fishing In Costa Rica
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Imagine waking up to the blue Costa Rican waters with the wind in your hair and the wide horizon abeam your sea vessel. Truly, it is impossible to resist the Costa Rican waters. So, what can you do to experience these waters ?

What Is The Deep Sea Fishing Costa Rica Cost ?

Deep-sea fishing is an incredible way to understand the diverse marine life of this country.

What would you like to catch? A sailfish? Fight a giant tuna? Catch and release a marlin or reel in a dolphin fish? Costa Rica offers excellent deep-sea fishing opportunities for everyone. However, fishing in Costa Rica must be done responsibly and adhere to the country’s laws. Here is what makes your fishing expedition responsible and fun.

The “Pura Vida” Culture in Costa Rica

Most of your deep-sea fishing Costa Rica coast will be done alongside the locals. Their friendliness and culture are second to none. The locals live by “Pura Vida’’ or pure life. So, they don’t appreciate you being in a hurry to start fishing. Locals are the best in identifying fishing areas. So, let them advise you on the same. Do not carry any predisposition about fishing from home. Leave everything behind, and get ready to enjoy a whole new experience.

Fishing Rules in Costa Rica

Firstly, deep sea fishing in the country involves a license. Irrespective of how long you intend to fish, a permit is mandatory. However, you don’t need a fishing license if you are fishing in flood or from the beach. License is only required for fishing from a boat on a lake or in the ocean. The fishing license can be brought for a week, month, or a year at reasonable prices.

This document cannot be passed on to another person since it will have your name printed on it. The license is valid only on presenting proof of identification. Be aware that a coast guard may stop your fishing boat at any point during your fishing trip. Remember that the coast guard may even ask for your passport along with the fishing licenses.

Next, taking billfish out of the water is considered illegal in Costa Rica. You must also use only circle hooks to catch live baits. You must also release all roosterfish that you catch during the trip. Every boat is subjected to a catch limit, as well. You can only catch 5 of the non-protected spices in the Costa Rican waters.

Be cautious about getting into the water for clicking photos with the billfish. The bills are quite deadly, and you face a significant risk of becoming a part of their food chain. You also can get tangled in the lines in the water.

Remember to catch and release reef fish unless there is a medium-sized nonjuvenile that fetches a good table fare. While this may be a personal decision to anglers, this is a recommended practice for preserving the amazing aquatic life of Costa Rica.

Where to Go On Your Costa Rica Fishing Trip ?

The Caribbean Side

This side of Costa Rica is popular for Trapon and Snook. They are found outside the river mouths in pods and also in back lagoons. Fishing here is done with sardines on circle hooks or by using lures. Artificial lures are used for fishing inside the river mouths. Snook can be seen in the rivers, lagoons, and beaches. There are four varieties of Snook in this region. The monster varieties are often taken off the beach at the river mouth.

Central and South Pacific

The Pacific coast in Costa Rica has two fishing seasons for marlin and sailfish. The central and southern regions are especially productive from November through April. There have been massive cuts in foreign licenses that have prompted the population of Tunas to rise in this region. Grand varieties of marlins are often caught around man-made marine ecosystems. The Pacific side is a holy grail to Roosterfish. They are available all through the year, along with wahoo and dorados.

Tips for a Successful Fishing Expedition

Follow the Conservation Practices

Costa Rican fishing is often done through charters that are captained by knowledgeable individuals. So, it is recommended to follow their advice and respect the ocean. Refrain from harmful and illegal practices.

Service and Amenities

The excitement of a fishing trip makes us overlook the tiny details. However, it is these details that determine the success of your fishing trip. It is imperative to have basic amenities like food and clean drinking water. You may even ask your charter company for additional facilities like a kitchen, bathroom, or a fridge. Make sure to carry safety equipment and fighting chairs in case you make a big catch.

Think About the Cost

This factor has the greatest influence on type of vessel you opt for your fishing expedition. From luxury yachts to budget fishing, the options are nearly endless. So, consider how much you are willing to spend on deep sea fishing Costa Rica cost.

Fishing in Costa Rica is an extraordinary experience you cannot afford to miss. However, it is essential to observe the local laws for preserving the rich marine diversity of the country. Responsible fishing helps the tourists and the locals alike in conserving these natural wonders.

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