Top 10 Places To Visit In Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a really a stunning place to visit in the entire world. Being the capital of the Netherlands and a part of Europe, it has all the reasons to be among fantastic travel destinations across the borders. The culture, traditions, people and historical beauty is to go aww for. So, let us take a note on Top 10 Places To Visit At Amsterdam.

The Rijksmuseum – Are you an art lover then this museum will act as a real blessing. Here you will get to explore not one or two, but 5,000 paintings all spread in 250 rooms. Not only this, here you will get to see many books, medieval sculpture, modern art, and manuscripts as well.

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The Anne Frank Museum – This museum is actually the real home of Anne Frank where she was hidden with her family during the world war two. Here you will come across the book, or we can say the dairy that she wrote while she stayed during the war. This book is among the best sellers till date and a poignant monument of the history.

The Anne Frank Museum
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The Amsterdam City Walk – If you are eager to know about the history, tradition, culture of the city, then this walk is the most preferred one. The city walk will assist you with where to go and what to do while your visit to the city.

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Begijnhof – This place is a group of some historic buildings and is among the most peaceful places in the city as well. Here you will also come across two very famous churches of the city and a beautiful garden as well.

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Heineken Brewery – Coming to the city of Amsterdam and not drinking the beer will be a real regret. So, to help you with the retreat, come down to this place and enjoy a trip to one of the oldest brewery that was established in the year 1864 with five various kinds of beer.

Heineken Brewery
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Royal Palace of Amsterdam – This is the royal house of the Dutch family functions. So, if you are here in the city then keep this place on the top and not to forget it stays open all around the year. It is among Top 10 Places To Visit At Amsterdam.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam
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Eye-Film Museum – Have you ever seen a spacecraft? If not then Amsterdam welcomes you to enter the spacecraft museum where you can take the pleasure of Dutch films as well.

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De Bakkerswinkel – Having a cup of tea here in this cafe will surely be your most preferred memory. This site is located in the oldest streets of Amsterdam and is also known for carrot cake, tea, coffee and much more.

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Dam Square – Here you will be able to explore the very famous Madame Tussauds museum, National Memorial Statute, and the list goes on and on. It means it is one of the very packed up tourist spots of Amsterdam.

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The Botanical Garden & Zoo – Visit this site and look around some of the very famous and unknown animals, trees, flowers, and birds. You will be surprised to know that this zoo is the world’s oldest.

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So, book your tickets now and keep these Top 10 Places To Visit At Amsterdam on your list.

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