The Top Smartphone Trends to Watch in 2020

Genius Smartphone Features that Most People Don’t Know About Yet
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Smartphones are gadgets that continue to evolve in terms of technological and novel features. If you want to know about the latest features that you will see on mobile phones in 2020, then this post will help you explore more. Read on!

You may see that almost all phones that are being launched in the last quarter of 2019 resemble the same with similar features. But, this monotony is about to change in 2020 with the coming of new features in smartphones.

1) Foldable Phones Will Be The New Norm

When touch screen phones were first released, they were a revelation and the time has come for another innovation – the launch of the foldable phones. In 2020, you will be able to hold a foldable phone in your hand with a flexible and high-quality display. It will let the phone fold in half, and you will be able to keep in your pocket easily. What’s more, they could also be used as a tablet-sized display. Samsung is one of the first mobile phone companies to launch a phone with a foldable display.

2) The Rise of The 5G Networks

Have you been enjoying a blazing fast speed while downloading apps and indulging in multitasking while using the 4G network on your phone so far? If yes, then you are in a surprise! Yes, the 5G network is set to help you enjoy pulsating internet speed on your smartphone that will surge to new heights. While many 5G mobile phones are available in the market, many more are on their way to dominating the market soon in 2020. The biggest advantage of a 5G network will be the downloading of films in 4K display in a matter of minutes. 5G network will also change the way smartphones are used daily.

3) Notch Display for That Stunning Look

Notch display? What’s new in that when you have already seen phones with it? Yes, there are phones with Notch Display in 2019, but most models will be donning this avatar in 2020. A Notch Display denotes the surface area on the front display of the phone increasing without providing details about sensors and the front cameras. Compared to other display types, Notch Display provides the phones with a stunning look.

4) Super Fast Charging Will Be Available Even In Budget Phones

Many Oppo under 15000 phones and other brands are already launched in 2019 come with super fast charging facility with the option of Vooc and Flash Charge and more. In 2020, even budget phones under 10000 will feature long-lasting batteries of 5000-6000mAh.

Samsung has already launched a phone with a 6000mAh battery in 2019. Also, with super fast charging options, you will be able to get a MI mobile under 15000 and more getting full juice instantly. This way, you won’t need to plug the devices for a long time affecting your multitasking.

Other features that you will see on mobile phones in 2020 will be Waterproofing, multiple rear cameras and more. These cutting-edge features in 2020 will ease off your multitasking on your mobile phones.

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