The Surgical Strike 2 – Hits Back Pakistan

India Responded Pakistan For Pulwama Attack.
Img Source - RapidLeaks हिंदी

The Indian air force entered Pakistan early in the morning and dropped 1,000kg Bomb. It is a piece of big news right now, and people all over the country are coming with a positive response. This attack is being named as the Surgical Strike 2. So, let us not waste time and start the details as what actually happened.

Attack Place – 30miles from the border or we can say 50 km from the borders the Indian air force attacked a small village Balakot which is popularly known as the hillside camp of JeM is located. It is also the same place where the very famous terrorist Osama bin Laden was shot dead by eh US forces.

Attack Time – The Surgical Strike 2 took place early in the morning that is between 3:45 am to 4:04 am on February 26th.

Attack ResultsTwelve Mirage Planes entered the borders of Pakistan during this time fooling the radars of the country and dropped the bomb killing around 350 terrorist and trainers. It is said all the terrorist camp of Pakistan were destroyed. No common person were Harmed in This Strike.

Pakistan Recation – Though the Surgical Strike 2 took place but Pakistan continuously denies the fact that it has led to the death of anyone. Despite the reports coming out from the country s stating only a few trees and land were affected. When asked for reports the Pakistan media said due to heavy rains, the images and videos cannot be taken and even the roads are not in perfect condition to reach out to the attacked areas.

Well, we support the government and the Indian Air Force for taking such a brilliant action with Surgical Strike 2. It has undoubtedly resulted in chaos in the Neighbouring Country. Seeing the current scenario, Pakistan does not have more options to retaliate, but still, the Indian military is on high alert right now that is in a close attacking position.

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