The Pulwama Attack: It’s Time To Wake Up

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14th February 2019 has been marked as a Black day of the country, and there is a strong reason behind it. On this day we witnessed the death of 49 CRPF Jawans as a result of terrorist attacks. Loosing so many soldiers at one time in Pulawama Attack is grave and shows how much we lack in terms of security.

The Pulwama Attack – On 14th February, a convoy of 2500 CRPF soldiers were heading towards Kashmir with 70 vehicles. The time reached Avantipur district, a car with 400 kg of explosives hit one of the vehicles causing destruction. It was a huge loss not only of the country but also for their families as well. If we think as a whole, we can say that on this day, we have witnessed one of the worst terrorist attacks.

What Should Be The Next Step From Our Side:

NOTA – None of the above; let us make it very clear that if strict actions are not taken by the government in this case, then we all will pick NOTA opposing all the political parties in the elections.

Unity – Let us all stand together and answer the terrorists with integration. This time, there is nothing about religion, caste, sex, etc but it is all about India. These terrorists have no religion, so let us bang them with unity and not with politics.

What our Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Pulawama Attack – Highlighting The Important Points Here:

• The PM has given complete liberty to the security forces to act as per the situation.
• Further, the recognition of Most Favoured Nation has also been taken from Pakistan

Stop keeping your profile picture black for one day, as it is not going to help the nation at all. Wake up and stand together for the country or we might face severe results.

Here we are listing down the names of the soldiers that left us on the line of duty in Pulawama Attack.

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  1. Naseer Ahmad
  2. Jiamal Singh
  3. Sukhinder Singh
  4. Tilak Raj
  5. Rohitesh Lamba
  6. Vijay Soreng
  7. Vasantha Kumar
  8. Manoja Kumar Behera
  9. Gd Guru H
  10. Narayan Lal Gurjar
  11. Mahesh Kumar
  12. Pradeep Kumar
  13. Hemraj Meena
  14. Pk Sahoo
  15. Ramesh Yadav
  16. Sanjay Rajput
  17. Kousahal Kumar Rawat
  18. Pradeep Singh
  19. Shyam Babu
  20. Ajit Kumar Azad
  21. Maninder Singh Attri
  22. Bablu Santra
  23. Asvhin Kumar Kaochi
  24. Rathod Nitin Shivaji
  25. Bhagirathi Singh
  26. Virendra Singh
  27. Awadesh Kumar Yadav
  28. Rattan Kumar Thakur
  29. Kankaj Kumar Tripathi
  30. Jeet Ram
  31. Amit Kumar
  32. Vijay Kr. Mourya
  33. Kulwinder Singh
  34. Maneswar Bsumatari
  35. Mohan Lal
  36. Sanjay Lumar Sinha
  37. Ram Vakeel
  38. LL Gujral
  39. M vashumatre
  40. Shubham anirang G
  41. Amar kumar
  42. Ajay Kumar