Oils To Keep Dengue Mosquitoes Away

Oils For Dengue Mosquitoes
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Every day the menace of dengue and chikungunya mosquitoes can be seen in the newspapers. If you are also anxious about these diseases and want a rightful and budget solution then here I am with the best Oils To Keep Dengue Mosquitoes. Check out the list below.

Lavender Oil – Is your mosquito repellent liquid over and there is no other option to stop the mosquitoes. In that case, take some lavender oil and add it up with lemon. It will work equal to mosquito repellent. You can also mix this oil with eucalyptus and citronella oil to remove mosquitoes. Along with this, you can also apply this mixture over your body too.

Lavender Oil For Dengue
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Neem Oil – We all are aware of the benefits of neem and its medicinal values. Along with spreading this oil all over your body, you can also spread in the room as well. It will work great and will not allow mosquitoes to come nearby. If you are not comfortable with the neem smell then better add it up with coconut oil. This mixture will amplify the benefits of both the oils. It is among the best Oils To Keep Dengue Mosquitoes.

Neem Oil For Dengue Mosquitoes
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Peppermint Oil – The taste and smell of peppermint is amazing but do you know peppermint comes in the form of oil as well. This oil has loads of benefits and works very good when it comes to protecting a human body from mosquitoes. Just spread this oil on your clothes and if possible apply it in your body every time you are coming out of the house. It will cut the contact.

Peppermint Oil For Dengue Mosquitoes
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So, these were the best Oils To Keep Dengue Mosquitoes Away from your body and house. Start using these oils and give yourself and your family mosquitos’ free life.

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