Is Apple increasing The Price of Its iPhones ?

Bad News For Apple Users
Img Source - Maxabout News

Apple is a tech giant plus is among some reputed companies who know how to stay in the news all the time. Once again Apple has come up with something new and different that no one has thought about. If you are an Apple user or want to buy a new Apple phone, then this news is for you as Apple Is Increasing The Price of its iPhones.

• Recently Apple has launched a new, but the news is coming at the company is planning to cut down the sales as it is making losses.

• Well, there are stories that say that Apple wants to increase the average sale price of Apple iPhones in the Indian market.

• If we see the statement given by Apple, then we can conclude that the company is planning to Apple is increasing the price of its iPhones that is its flagship iPhone that is 6S and 6S Plus by 5000rs. But the rates of the other 6 series will remain the same. Until now, there are no comments on the changing pricing of the stated phones as well.

• Apple is also planning to move towards the small shops and make it exclusive Apple stores and will invest less in large stores.

There is no confirmation about this news, but the facts made here are to be considered about. The changes in the price of Apple iPhone even by 5,000Rs. is going to be huge as these are among the most costliest Smartphone available. So, there are chances, Apple Is Increasing The Price of its iPhones.

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