How To Use V Cup Menstrual Cup ?

Guide To Use V Cup Menstural Cup
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Have you tried using V Cup Menstrual Cup during your periods but unable to secure its position? This Menstrual Cup is very easy to use, but here you have to get along with the guide of How To Use V Cup Menstrual Cup. To help you out, we are here with a reliable solution.

Step by step guide to using V Cup Menstrual Cup

Fold The Cup – The first step to begin with the process of How To Use V Cup Menstrual Cup is through washing hands. Now take the menstrual cup in your hands and fold it inwards. To avoid any confusion with shape, make it a C fold. It will reduce the diameter of the cup, and it will get into the vagina without much toil.

Insert The Menstrual Cup – The second step s to insert the cup into the vagina. Hold the cup in C fold and slightly start inserting into the vagina. Keep your one leg on a stool or something with proper height so the vagina will get expand. It will let the cup to sit inside the vagina without easily.

Confirm The Position – Once the menstrual cup has been inserted into the vagina, check whether it has secured its position or not. Here it can be done by sitting, walking, standing, or we can say with simple movements. Also, you must insert your finger inside to check the placement of the cup. The motive to do this is to confirm that the cup is no more in a folded position. Or else, it will not be able to perform its tasks and will create leakage problems.

Use It – The menstrual cup is now ready to be used. The maximum time the cup can stay inside the vagina is twelve hours.

Empty The Cup – In case you feel the cup is filled, you can remove it and reuse after cleaning. Take out the cup with gentle hands from the vagina, so it neither hurts you nor the blood spill out. Empty the cup and clean it with water thoroughly.

Re-Use – The cup can again be inserted using the same process. But here you must wash it to avoid any allergies or infection.

It was the step by step method of how to use V cup menstrual cup. Follow every step as mentioned to enjoy a pleasant and stain free period. To Buy Good Quality V Cup Menstrual Cup, connect with us at

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