How To Transit Through Abu Dhabi International Airport

Transit Throuh Abu Dhabi Airport
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One of the fastest-growing airports in the world, Abu Dhabi Airport is a wonderful destination. The most significant factor for the growth of this airport results from Etihad Airways’ immense growth. This airline brings travelers from various parts of the world. It is no wonder that transfer passengers sometimes get a rough experience going through the various airport procedures.

This airport serves a huge volume of travelers. Etihad check-in area offers slick operation before you head to immigration in about 15 minutes. Terminal 3 is an impressive structure although it doesn’t compare to the beauty of the city and its services. This terminal is functional with a clean and cramped layout.

Security At Abu Dhabi International Airport

On making it to the arrivals section, you have to go through airport security. Here you are likely to find a queue just like at the passport control. Going through the procedures might cost you more than 25 minutes before making it to the terminal airside section. The arrival security checks are quite slow because of the huge volume of travelers. Be ready to line up behind other people eagerly checking their watches. You are obviously just as anxious to go through as fast as possible.

To have fast track experience, book Abu Dhabi Airport meet and greet service. A personal greeter will wait for you at the arrivals. The greeter will assist with carrying your baggage. This service includes getting necessary assistance to go through immigration, security, and luggage collection as fast as possible. This will ensure that you spend less time at the airport by avoiding joining the line behind other frantic travelers.

Going Through The Terminals

Abu Dhabi International Airport is a major transit hub and serves hordes of people daily. The airport has three terminals for connection flights to transit from including Terminal 1, 2 and 3. Terminal 3 is for first and business class Etihad passengers. There is Al Ghazal lounge is pay per entry and offers various amenities to give you a pleasant experience including:

• Luxury wellness spa
• Transit hotel
• Free Wi-Fi
• Children’s play area
• Multiple sleep pods

You have to mind about the time you are likely to spend when using the various terminals. The fastest turnaround time in Terminal 1 is about one hour and thirty minutes. This depends on the time you are likely to spend lining and getting to the gate. Perhaps you need some time to use the bathroom. Delay on

With a meet and greet service, you get assistance with airport procedures giving you time to other things. You get time to relax comfortably in a lounge, have a bath, and stretch your legs. The fast track service will make going through security, immigration, and passport control a smooth process. This makes it easy to get the next boarding pass after cooling off from jetlag after your first flight.

Booking Your Flight

You can check in any of the terminals for your flight and offload your baggage about 24 before departure. You have about five hours to ensure that your bags make it to your plane. This is extremely important when traveling late at night. Mind the aircraft for arrival and departure when booking a flight. The aircraft determines the terminal you are likely to use.

Etihad’s Airbus A380 Dreamliner’s are amazing and very comfy compared to other aircraft. Flying a Dreamliner requires transiting through Terminal 1 with arrival using a bus link without using an air bridge. This will cost you about 20 to 30 extra minutes to your arrival time making your transit time shorter. Dreamliner’s usually dock via Terminal 3’s Airbridge with Terminal 1 having just a few bridges. This comes with the likelihood of using the bus.

Refreshments At Abu Dhabi Airport

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle at this airport, you are likely to get hungry or dehydrated. Fortunately, there are various places where to enjoy some authentic local food and other including Iranian, Lebanese, and Yemeni. At Terminal 3, look forward to making a choice between some of Emirati’s favorite eating establishments including:

• Cinnabon
• Costa Coffee
• Burger King
• O’Leary’s Sports Bar
• Yumcha for Chinese food

Do Some Shopping

Terminal 3 is a shopping hub with a range of shops for all budgets including European and American stores. Apart from international brands like Rolex, Hermes, and Armani, there are endless window shopping opportunities at Pure Gold. You can as well pick up a Mont Blanc pen, tour the World of Cigars, or pick some dates from Food and Candy

Wrapping Up

Abu Dhabi International Airport is a major transit hub in the UAE. When you have to make a stopover here, be wary about the time you are likely to spend. Fortunately, you can fast track your experience through this airport when you boom meets and greet service.

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