How to Safeguard Your Car This Festive Season

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It’s that time of the year when everyone is in there celebration mode and are busy shopping and meeting people around. People meet and greet and welcome guests to their places. But there are times when some ill-manner guest visit your neighbours and bump into your car. You only get to know when you get ready to go to your office next day and see damages that happened to your car.

Or your son or daughter took your car on the drive and banged it somewhere and didn’t inform you about it and silently parked in the garage.

In order to avoid waking up to the sight of a damaged car the next morning, it is important that you read the below mentioned tips to keep your car safe this festive season.

1. Monitor Your Teens

Parents of teenagers are mostly worried about their whereabouts and their driving behaviour. Dash Cams addresses this problem by letting them about their teen’s current location, passengers in the car and details about late night trips. Dash cams also send an alert when the teenager is driving over the speed limit set by them.

2. Monitor Undisciplined Driver

Dash cams these days offers access to mobile and help users to know about anything and everything happening in and around the car. It also alerts the users when anything happens beyond the set limit.

3. Helps Find Who Is At Fault

It has been a problem where people bang their cars on the road and the only way people find who is at fault by asking the passers-by. But with Dashcam, you can easily see the recording and understand who was at fault.

4. Give Passengers Peace of Mind

Dash cams are about safety and security of cars and passengers. If you hold a fleet or taxi business, it is all about image. It becomes easier for such businesses if a dash cam in right in front of the car. As it helps you record footage of whatever happens in the car & also helps your passengers enjoy the ride a little more.

5. Recording Saved On Cloud Space

Dash cams record videos and audio and save it on SD card. It also helps you save the details of where the car was at what point of time, through playback of the route travelled by car. It’s a decent process to upload your files to the cloud as it will help in boosting the performance of your device. You can access your file from anywhere in the world and see what is happening or what happened that particular day.

One device that can do all of the mentioned above it KENT Cam Eye. It is a next-gen car location tracker in India along with Dash cam features. It has dual cameras to record everything that happens inside and outside the car. It even offers live video streaming from wither of the camera. It is a 4G enabled plug and play device.

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