Election Results Are Out & You Must Not Miss This

Img Source - Placer County Elections

Election Results are out and without wasting any more time, let me reveal you, who have won the battle. There is no doubt that the flag of BJP is flying in the sky and yet again we have Mr. Narendra Modi as our Prime Minister. Yes, you read it right; Narendra Modi will be carried forward with the same position for more five years.

Here Are Some Details About The Election Results:

• In a total of 540 Lok Sabha Seats, 350 Seats have been grabbed by the BJP Party all across the nation. From significant to minor states, most of them have voted for BJP candidates, and the decision is very clear.

• The states from BJP Party is heading includes Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Haryana, West Bengal, and the list goes on.

• If we check the All India figures BJP won 348 seats in 358 total leading with four seats; whereas Congress won 98 out of 98.

• Narendra Modi won the Varanasi Seats. He took to Twitter and thanked the people of India. Along with this, he also congratulated the other leaders who won the elections.

• Amit Shah won the election from Gandhinagar by a massive vote count that is 5 Lakh votes.

• Jagan Reddy leading the YSRCP has taken over the Andhra Pradesh Election

• Smriti Irani won the Amethi seat by defeating Rahul Gandhi

It was the major shout out of the Election Results. The loud and celebration on the road by the BJP Party has made it very clear as what is the decision of our country and whom we have chosen to be our leader. We hope to receive benefits from this election results for the betterment of the country and people.

Result Of All States

Election Results
Img Source – Times Of India


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