Dealing With Constipation When You Are Pregnant

Prevent Constipation In Pregnancy.
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Constipation facing difficulty in bowel movements is one of the perennial issues during pregnancy. No way has it meant that you need to suffer from constipation along with the pain associated with them. A lot of things can be done to deal with post pregnancy constipation issues. There are some women who might face the issue of constipation during pregnancy. The reason being that the hormones of pregnancy slow down the process of digestion.

For someone who already has this problem before pregnancy it would mean an addition to the existing problem. Whatever type of criteria you fall into the treatment seem to be the same.

Not only constipation makes you uncomfortable there are side effects associated as well. For some people who are suffering from constipation could suffer from haemorrhoids. In your rectum there exists varicose vein that could really be painful.

Coping Up With The Problem of Constipation During Pregnancy

A few lifestyle changes are suggested to cope up with the problems of constipation. Even for Constipation During Pregnancy you can follow these tips. This might take some amount of time to work, but in the long run significant improvement in the bowel movements is expected.

Drinking More Water

Drinking a lot of water would make your bowel movements a lot frequent and difficult to pass. To be hydrated is of utmost every time and all the more during pregnancy. Just drink enough amount of water every day and for sure you are going to have fewer problems with constipation. This does pose to be a proper health advice.

Keep An Eye On The Calcium Intake

Too much intake of calcium can cause issues with constipation. This is a common source in most dairy products. Over consumption of cheese or milk would stack up your bowel movements.


The best way to keep your bowel movements regular is via exercise. In no way does it mean that you need to run several miles or join an aerobics class. Just by adding a few movements to your day would help you to improve the bowel functions. This would mean getting more steps at work or walking in the pool with your partner. By anything which makes your body move and peps up your heart rate is good for your overall health during pregnancy.

Watch Out for The Use of Medication

There are some medicines in the market which would increase the chances of constipation. The major culprit in this regard is iron loaded prenatal vitamins. They might help you to get rid of anemia. In case if you are facing issues with vitamins it would be better to switch. In order to prevent anemia work in a nutritional way.

The medications in order to cope up with issue of constipation have to be the last resort. This could pose a lot of problems during the course of pregnancy and it is better to discuss with your doctor before opting for anything be it even over the counter medicines.