Creating An All-inclusive Ride Sharing App: A Simple Roadmap To Success In Carpooling Business

Car Pooling Business App ?
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It’s no surprise in mentioning ride-sharing as a modern way of asking for a lift, except that, you choose the person you wish to ride with and share the fuel expenses at the end of the trip. Carpooling is gaining massive response among the general public, especially among the working sector who commute every day.

The ride takers find carpooling as a convenient way to travel between their home and workplace, as it reduces the expenses they spend on travel, and ride givers get the chance to share the fuel expenses with the ride takers. Also, both the parties get an opportunity to network with professionals from the same or different domains during their rides.

Along with the benefits it renders for the driver and passenger, it offers a wide range of benefits for the environment. As people carpool regularly, it reduces the heavy traffic occurred during peak hours. Also, the CO2 emission gets diminished as the number of vehicles gets decreased due to carpooling.

If you are planning to launch your own ride-sharing app, then the time can never be perfect than now. To start with, study the other players in the niche to get a hold of the business. Understand the working model of the app to come up with an app that offers a safe and economical ride.

There are ready-made app solutions like Uber clone app provided by app development companies to easily launch an effective ride-sharing app. But before you get into that, you must know all the basic features you should integrate into your app.

Feature List For A Ride Sharing App

For Passengers

Easy Registration: Sign up using email, mobile numbers, or social media accounts.

Document Verification: Verifying the documents of the user to ensure authenticity.

Real-Time Tracking: The passenger can track the movement and progress of the driver.

Favourite Location: This feature let the users save their home and office locations as their favourites for easy bookings.

In-App Chat / Call Option: The passenger can chat or call the driver as a ride gets confirmed.

Co-traveller Profiles: The passenger can get to know the details of the co-passengers who will be joining the carpooling ride.

Manage Ride Requests: Manage the current and pending ride requests at one place.

ETA & Fare Estimate: The passenger can get the time of arrival of the ride giver, and the amount they should pay for the ride.

Multiple Payment Modes: Integrate multiple payment gateways to the app, helping the user to pay with ease.

Push Notifications & Alerts: Keep the users informed about the upcoming rides in the future and other ride request notifications.

Promo Codes: Give offers for users to increase their app usage.

SOS Button: In-built panic button to ensure the safety of users.

Rate The Ride Giver: Ratings shared by the user will help other users to make decisions in the forthcoming rides, and it also helps to ensure the quality of service.

Favourite Ride Giver: The user should be able to mark the ride givers as their favourite, so their name pops up first as the user searches for rides.

For Drivers

Easy Registration: Signup via email, mobile numbers, or social media accounts.

Document Verification: The driving license of the ride giver and the vehicle details are verified.

Trip Sharing: The driver can post their ride route in the app with the details of pickup and drop points.

Real Time Request: The driver receives real-time requests from the passengers with their trip details.

In-built Navigation: The drivers can make use of Google Maps for details such as user pickups, best routes, and ETA.

Contact Passenger: Call or message the user in case of any doubt.

Driver’s Dashboard: Details such as earnings, upcoming rides, feedback, etc. are listed here.

Rate Customer: Two-way rating system for enabling a better ride-sharing experience for everyone.

Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard: Key business metrics and real-time usage are listed.

Manage Drivers & Customers: Approve signups, set commission rates, payments, customer base, and other related information.

Real-time Tracking: Track all fleets to keep them under control.

Reports & Analytics: Data metrics and insights to make smarter business decisions.

Other Advanced Features:

In-App Group Chat: Allow the co-travellers to group chat with each other within the app.

Referral Rewards: The customers can get reward points upon sharing their referral codes with their friends/family circle.

Pickup Suggestions: Smart pickup suggestions from nearby pickup points.

Operational Zone Requests: The drivers can mark areas where they want to get the ride requests from.

Flat Pricing: Setting flat pricing for destinations such as airports, malls, bus stands, etc.


With the strategies set clear, it’s time to get the ride-sharing app developed. It’s not necessary to develop the app from scratch. You can go with Uber for clone apps whose clone app scripts can be customized as per your business requirements. Connect with an app development company that offers Uber clones, get your live demo scheduled, and if you are satisfied with their work, hand over them the job of customizing your app. Launch your ride-sharing app like a Pro!

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