Before Your Trip, Install These 10 Best Travel Apps That Work Offline

Which Travel Apps That Works Offline
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For avid travelers, these best travel apps that work offline are an incredible boon. Travel apps are a requirement these days for almost everyone on a vacation. They make our trip easier and hassle-free. But while many of the best apps for travel are free, not all of them work offline. If you’ve been looking for apps that work without internet connection, you’ve landed at the right page. We’ve lined up some of the best travel apps that work offline without hassles.

Pick from the list below and download on your smartphone as many of these travel apps as you deem necessary. Find the best offline apps for iPhone, Android, and more before you travel!

Best Offline Travel Apps to Install:

While there are many apps that allow you to check your flight status online, there are also a few smashing travel apps to help you through a trip. Use some of these below-mentioned best travel apps that work offline even when making an unplanned trip on last minute flights. By cutting down most of your travel challenges, they will make the trip a lot more enjoyable.

1. TripIt

TripIt offline is just as good as the online version. It’s among the best travel content apps in the world to save hotel, car rentals, flights, and other important data on your phone. The app creates a detailed itinerary for you automatically. You can also choose to forward confirmations manually. When there is internet connection, TripIt will sync the latest information with the already existing data. While the basic app is free, get the paid upgrade for added features.

2. Here WeGo

If you’re seeking help with navigation on your trip, this is among the best travel apps that work offline. It gives accurate directions to walk, cycle, and even using public transport. When searching for a location, having an entire address as just opposed to a name will be an added benefit. You can download maps for entire countries before your trip. Keep a watch on storage, however, as this may take up quite a bit of space.

3. Google Maps

If you’re looking for offline travel maps, Google Maps is a good option. It’s among the best travel apps that work offline. You can sync places to your phone and get directions from Google Maps even when your phone is in flight mode. However, you will need internet if you want walking, cycling, and public transport directions. Nonetheless, you will still be able to see your location in real-time.

4. Triposo

The best travel map app around, Triposo collects travel information from the most important sites and compiles it all in an easy-to-use travel guide. You can use this guide offline to find hotels, attractions, restaurants, maps, and a whole lot more. It’s among the best travel apps that work offline to have installed regardless of where you are traveling to on business class flights.

5. Free WiFi Finder

Some of the best road trip apps no WiFi can be useful but also frustrating. You will end up wishing you had internet connection. Here’s where the Free WiFi Finder app comes in handy. Using your smartphone’s network triangulation and GPS, the app will show you more than 140, 000 locations across the world that offer free WiFi. There’s also a ‘near me’ option to narrow the WiFi search.

6. HotStop

For travelers who prefer to use public transport, this is among the best travel apps that work offline. The app shows you detailed directions regardless of whether you’re using subways, buses, car rentals, trains, taxis, or even walking. You can pick the most economical, fastest, and even the most scenic route for your travel. Also, there are real-time updates on delays as well to make sure you’re not left stranded anywhere.

7. Google Translate

Among the best apps that work without internet connection, Google Translate is truly a Godsend when you’re in a foreign country. The app allows you to download more than 50 languages. When you’re offline, just type in the words you’d like to translate. Else, you can even point your phone camera at a menu, street sign, or other written material in a foreign language.

8. Pocket

This is among the best offline travel content apps around. You will invariably save a lot of information when you travel. This can be about restaurants, hotels, top destinations, and much more. The Pocket app will save all of this information for you in an organized way. Also, when you have WiFi access, the app will sync the saved data with new updates. Whether online or offline, you will have easy access to all of this valuable information.

9. American Red Cross First Aid

Of all the best travel apps that work offline, we cannot stress how important this one is! This valuable app offers video tutorials on what to do in cases of medical emergencies (cuts, burns, anaphylaxis, bleeding, etc.) while traveling. You will also have access to a step-by-step guide to walk you through the situation. A bonus touch is the quiz that tests how well you retained the information you’ve just learned.

10. XE Currency

To convert currencies instantly, this is among the must-have and best travel apps that work offline. It’s especially useful for travelers who frequently book international flights for foreign trips. Just download the currency units on your smartphone in advance. While it can be used offline, the app updates rates whenever there is internet connection. You can use it when out for shopping or waiting at the bureau to make sure you get the fair exchange rate.