Are You Making Any of These Fashion Blunders ?

Fashion Blunder
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Even if you are a fashionista or someone who adores fashion; there are chances of you going through fashion disasters, or we shall say malfunction. So, to help you out we are here with some fashion tips that will protect you from making any Fashion Blunder in your life.

Long or Oversized Pants – Unless you have opted for a custom made pants or attire, make sure to kick off all the oversized pants from your wardrobe. There were times when these types of pants were famous, and that was during the eighties that is the Amitabh Bachan or Nitu Sinha times. But now, if you come out wearing such long pants, then you will become a matter of laugh about.

Oversize Pants
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Don’t Overdo With Accessories – Watching stars with accessories is something different and if you are trying for the same kind of look for yourself, then it is a big No. Don’t overboard yourself with extra accessories as it will ultimately kill off your look and make you look out of the box too. This one of the biggest Fashion Blunder ones can make.

Overdo With Accessories
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Wrong Inners – This one goes for both men and women. Ensure trying your inner wears before making the final pairing as it might make you conscious. And at the same time, people will you point fingers on your dress making you feel more uncomfortable as well.

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Don’t Go Overmatched Up – Matching dresses were for the old era as for today there should not be everything matchy-matchy. Suppose wearing yellow from top to bottom; you will end up looking like a mango and not a diva. Even if the diva Sonam Kapoor is wearing it then also she has to go through the criticism of the fashion bloggers and trollers. So, why to repeat the same old mistake?

Don't go overmatched up
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Avoid Small Size – Always buy the clothing that is suitable for your body type as this will make you feel comfortable. If you are thinking that by buying small sized clothing, you will get a new and vibrant look, then you are again going on the wrong train. First of all, know your body type and then buy clothes. Along with this, you must first try each and every pair of clothing that you are buying for yourself.

Avoid Weird Short Dress
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Hope, you are not making any of such Fashion Blunder. Even if you are doing, start rectifying it from now itself.