8 Best Things about Textile Boxes

What are the 8 Best things about textile boxes
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Whether it is about packing your brand products or some gifts for someone special, the best packaging solution is to use textile boxes. They are much better to be used than the traditional folding cartons.

In respect of material, durability, and safety, these cartons are in demand for high-end products. They can be made classy in looks and use. They do not collapse easily as they have enough strength to withstand the pressure. They can be stacked over one another and can be used easily. They look attractive at the billing counter, and customers love to take such kinds of cartons at home.

Textile boxes are best to be used for packing as they are stronger and durable. Their sturdy nature makes them in high demand, and moreover, they give an appealing look to whatever is packed inside them as the package tells a lot about the worth of the product itself, so they do increase the chances of getting more customers to your store.

As people decide about buying the product by being fascinated by its casing. There are many benefits that can support the use of these trunks for different accessories, so here are some of the best things about them.

100 % Protection:

Textile boxes are easy to be shaped up into the required shape. They are mostly shipped flat so that they can be assembled wherever they are needed before time. Being shipped flat, they cover less space and can be delivered easily. They can be assembled easily without any adhesive needed and proved 100 % protection to your goods. It does not matter whether they are food, bakery items or any other kind of stuff they will be presentably placed in these containers and would be safe from damage.

Radiate Quality:

There is an endless option in the customization of these textile boxes. From the shape to the sizes and lamination, there are numerous options that one can avail. According to the requirement of the products, these cases can adopt all sorts of changes. They can be made into the high side to place the clothes and small to insert the studs of the shirt.

They are outstanding in providing maximum security to the things that are placed inside it. Not only this, but compartments can be added inside to make them more useful. The inside can be furnished with formic lining to make them look more appealing and attractive for the customers. Their lids can be made with a hinge or without hinges. The use of magnetic closure is seen in the more luxuries containers.

Marketing Tool:

These strongboxes can undergo all sorts of printing. They can be treated with all kinds of printable technology. They can be labelled with the brand logo and name. They can be embossed and debossed with silver or gold foiling. The stamping of the logo gives them a luxurious look. They can be printed with greetings and thanksgiving words. They are the best marketing tool as this sort of covering items makes a friendly place in the customer’s mind, and they would come back for the shopping.

Moreover, their colour and simple design make them more appealing to customers. They do not need complicated graphics; thus, they represent quality appearance in the market.

Simple Elegance:

A textile light box is light in weight themselves, so you can add a heavy object in them, without any inconvenience. They are laminated with matte and glossy furnish that makes them even more special in looks and feel. Unique technologies are used to add the adhesive layer to the chipboard sheet. Thus the lamination gives you a smooth feel which is smooth to touch.

Rigid & Sturdy:

Many professional branches use textile packaging for their products as they are much better and competent than traditional packs. Although they may seem expensive, they are manufactured out of the quality material that keeps the merchandise safe. They have thick walls and do not collapse easily. They can endure all the thick and thins of the transportation journey. They are built strong from the pressed sheets and creative paper that is glued to a chipboard frame hence adding extra strength to it. The sides are much more rigid due to the 1-3 mm thick chipboard frame being used.


Textile storage boxes are made out of eco-friendly material. They are mostly manufactured by the E-Kraft, corrugated and cardboard stock that are eco-friendly and do not increase the carbon footprint on the Earth. They are featured with biodegradable and recyclable qualities that make them eco-friendly for you and the environment as well.


Yes, they are reusable for different purposes. They are safe to be used for placing the clothes, perfumes, electronics, and toys. They can be used as gift cases and can be wrapped to use for different purposes. They can be reused for as many things as you like. They can be reuse for keeping the jewellery, shoes and even clothes according to their needs.

Easy to Carry:

Custom rigid boxes are easy and give an elegant look to take. They can be integrated with handles and the magnetic lock to provide a better secure encapsulation to your products. The handles are strong and secure to handle no matter how long the distance is. They would not make your hands get tired or fatigued by holding them for so long moreover they keep your belongings safe and sound till the end.

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