8 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Birthday Gifts for Children
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Undoubtedly, finding an ideal gift for a kid is one of the daunting tasks. While searching for an ideal gift, you have to consider many things such as his age, likes and dislikes and whether the gift is educational or not. If your kid’s birthday is around the corner and you haven’t decided what to gift him, we have covered you. Read more to know the best birthday gift ideas for kids.

1. Barbie House Set for Girls

If your younger one is a girl, than there could be no better gift than a Barbie house set. Most of the girls love to play with dolls, so it would be ideal to gift her Barbie doll with her house. It’s quite intriguing, especially for a kid to set a Barbie house and do all the household chores for her Barbie doll, just like her mother does for her. The Barbie house set will help you to grant some moral value to your younger daughter and further enable her to become a responsible and independent person.

2. Story Books for Boys and Girls

Whether your kid is 2-5 years old or above the age, a storybook would be an ideal birthday gift for him or her. It is very crucial for a parent to inculcate reading habits in their kid from nascent age. You can start by reading bedtime stories for your kid. Later you can gift him his favorite cartoon character storybook. It will help him to know different words and how to frame a sentence. Or you can get books with moral values. Moreover, gift him books in different languages, which includes his mother language, English, and other preferred languages.

3. A Lunch Box for School Going Kids

If you are a parent of a school-going student, you would understand the importance of a tiffin box. No matter how many lunch boxes you get for kids, he can’t have them enough. If you are looking for a good material lunchbox that has enough space and easy to carry, Vaya is your go-to destination. The online shop has a wide range of good quality stainless lunch box. Plus, it also has an extensive range of water bottles. In fact, you can also get a lunch box or tumbler for yourself, too, from the store. While shopping from the store, do not forget to use the Vaya promo code to get a hefty discount.

4. Board Games According to the Age

Whether it’s a girl or a boy, a board game would be a perfect gift for his or her birthday. The type of board game that you should gift to a kid depends on his or her age and his preferences. Amongst all ludo, chess and carom board is the classic board game that is found in most of the houses. Besides these board games, you can consider Monoply, scribble, puzzle games, and battle board games. Board games are perfect stress buster plus; these can be played in a group and improves the concentration level of the kid.

5. Blocks for 1-4 Years Old

You can even gift a big bag of giant blocks to your kid on his or her birthday. Building blocks are a great way to improve motor skills, which will further lead to healthy motor development. Blocks are made up of light-weight plastic, so your kid would not find any difficulty in building a tall building for himself. In addition to this, the bag or pack of blocks have blocks in different colors and shape which you can use to teach him different colors and shape. Kids learn more while playing. Thus, blocks make a perfect present.

6. Teething Toys for 4-8 Months Old Babies

If you are looking for an ideal gift for your little bundle of joy, a teething toy would be a perfect option. Usually, babies start teething once they complete their three months. A teething toy will help to reduce the pain which babies have when they start teething. Plus, a teething toy is hygienic and safe to chew. Since he would have a chewing toy, your baby will also not stop sucking his thumb. From teething jewelry to animal shape teethers, there is a wide range of teethers available. You can consider any of them for your little one.

7. Indoor Bowling Set for Grown-Ups

A bowling set is also an ideal choice for a birthday gift. This would be a perfect option for kids above three years as most of the kids by this age start walking, and they can hold the things. If your baby is quite young, you get him a basic plastic bowling set, or if he is above seven years, you can gift him a real bowling set. A bowling game is ideal for indoors, as it will keep your kids engrossed. Also, they can play the game along with their friends and family.

8. Clay Art Game Set

Last but not least, you can even consider a set of clay art for your creative kid. Clay art is one of the classic games that we all have played. Who does not like to create his favorite stuff with the help of the clay? Not just this, clay art also encourages creativity amongst kids. It also enhances brain development and allows your kids to foster self-expression.


In case you are looking for birthday gifts ideas for your kid, this blog will be a great help for you. The blog has a list of gifts that you can consider gifting your little one and grown-ups, respectively.