6 Best Free And Open Source Hotel Booking Engine Software Options

Hotel Booking Engine Software
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When you look through online hotel management directories, it is inevitable to feel overwhelmed by the number of choices available, and all of them looking perfect to be adopted for your hotel. Similar to going through a buffet at a wedding, isn’t it? A hell lot of tempting options lying before you to choose from, and to your horror, you can only choose one. It is definitely not a decision that could be taken easily and without much thought, because since you have chosen to adopt an online booking engine, it is going to be the forefront of your hotel business.

The online Hotel Booking Engine is the ground where you earn new clientele and deal with them. Without this, you would have to stick to the old-school way of calling up your clients and manually set up their reservation, which is something most of the hotel-room seekers are not okay with. Hence in this age fueled, actually run by the technology and internet, you would have to be well-equipped to keep up with your competitors in the race.

Even though online booking engines are important to keep your hotel business run at its best, you do not have to pay much for it. For instance, if you are running a four-bed hotel, all you would need is a basic platform to enable your client-base to check-in and make payments. Usually, such basic engines are free of cost.

However, there is no shortage of such free of cost software and deciding which one to choose from a wide range of them could prove overwhelming. Here is the buffet of engines, open for you with its pros and cons explained to help you decide which one works the best for your hotel type.

1. Abacre Hotel Reservation System

Abacre comes amongst the top best online hotel management engines. This free of cost and open source management software facilitates everything, from managing the hotel reservation system, check-in and check-outs and availability to generating tax reports and invoices. This software gets along with various versions of Windows-XP, Vista, 2003, 7, 8 and 10.


The best features of Abacre are that it supports various currencies and taxes, adaptable to different payment methods (cash, cards such as Visa, MasterCard and AmEx, and cheques). It is able to generate reports on various bases to analyze the entire operating system of the hotel, along with improving the guest-handling quality.

2. Skedda

For absolutely free of cost, Skedda is amazing to run a hotel. The free version of Skedda can be integrated with the hotel’s website and would work its wonders by managing up to ten rooms, making it exemplary for a small hospitality enterprise. This engine’s online knowledge base offers support through emails.


What makes this software stand out is its convenience. Being easy to use, it allows clients to log-in through any social media account. The managing is made a whole lot easier and stress-free by the optimization of booking workflow. The calendar assists you to get a full view of the operations, making you feel in control of the whole situation. Though the payment option is not free of cost, you would have to pay a monthly fee to unlock the feature.

3. Sagenda

A free WordPress plug-in, Sagenda is perfect for small hospitality business occasionally tying with suites of low-cost products. This software is designed in a way to make its profit off the customizable versions for bigger businesses. The plug-in itself is entirely free.


An online dashboard that generates and sends personalized emails to clients is what makes this software distinctive. Being mobile-optimized, with no ads and company spams, Sagenda is an ideal engine for hotel management.

4. Qlo

This open-source management engine empowers you to develop your personal online booking site with multiple customizable features. This helps you to achieve the goal of differentiating your hotel from the rest on the platform.


This online engine enables you to handle both the online and offline booking simultaneously. The SEO tool helps to hike your web presence. The partial and integral payment gateways and tax-management automatically add the tax to the room rates. Qlo also enables you to manage hotel-chains by permitting the infinite number of room types. Another notable feature is the translation tool, which translates your website into different languages to make it easy for international guests.

5. Solidres

Solidres is entirely free hotel management software, designed for Joomla and WordPress. This software’s uniqueness lies in its customizability, which not much open-source software offers.


This software offers varying benefits for WordPress and Joomla users. It permits reward and coupon packages to help reward loyal clients. Solidres supports various currencies and is integrated with Google Maps to help guests find the location with ease.

6. KWHotel

It is software offered in three different versions; pro, standard and free. The free version of this software is able to be used on one workstation at a time and is targeted for minor operations. However, its new KW hotel booking engine can be used with all its versions.


KWHotel is mobile-optimized software, which means it can be accessed by tablets and mobile phones. Its customizability is one of its most notable features, which allows you to change colors, images, and themes to attract customers. The customers are also updated about the status of their request and confirmation through personalized emails to make it ideal as a hotel reservation system.

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