6 Amazing Tips on How to Work With Kids

Amazing Tips on How to Work With Kids
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Size and behaviors notwithstanding, kids can prove a hard nut to crack sometimes. By being a bit respectful and humorous while dealing with kids, you can make the experience smoother though. Every health professional that has passed the core skills training framework should watch out for these 6 tips to improve how they work with kids.

Make the Environment Kids-friendly

As a pediatrician nurse, the decor, design, and fixtures in your office are likely already kid-friendly. The funny drawings on the walls, kid-friendly chairs, and fish tanks will keep kids glued to your environment. But if the design and decor of your office don’t have that welcoming and warm kid-centered atmosphere, all you need is to make a few additions.

As a certified professional that has passed the core skills training framework, you likely know that adding some toddler-centered tables, book pictures, or plastic dinosaurs can give your office that wow factor, which kids will adore.

Proper Communication is Vital

Getting the kid to reveal their fear, worry, and pain is the first approach towards a successful working experience.

Don’t ask the kid his or her name: Have someone else tell you the kid’s name beforehand and ensure to call them by their name.
Tell them more about you in advance: Don’t start working with a kid before they know you by name and status.
Get to the kid’s level: Try positioning yourself better to give the kid a feeling that you care.
Keep off that official look: Kids love adults who keep a smiling face.
● Have the parent assist where necessary: It soothes a kid’s soul sitting on their parent’s lap or holding their hand during any procedures.
Get your kid to help when necessary: Even when sick, kids would love to be of help. When busy, a kid will less likely be distracted or scared by a medical procedure.
Stay cheerful and honest: Don’t tell a kid a procedure won’t hurt if it truly does. They will never trust you again.
Don’t patronize kids: Talking kids down will only scare them away.

Acknowledge the Kids Courage

Kids love being appreciated. It takes courage for a kid to stand a new environment, especially in a not so welcoming atmosphere like a hospital. Always admit how brave the kids are while discussing their health.

The language you use should be positive. No kid will forget their experience with you if you keep encouraging and motivating them all through the period they will be under your care.

Let Your Patient Know What You are Doing

Even when dealing with adult patients, shedding some light on what you’re doing beforehand will save you a great deal. Don’t use medical or hard vocabulary when talking with a patient, especially a kid. Use a language that’s appropriate for the kid’s age.

Don’t Conduct Any Procedure before Involving the Kids

Regardless of age, everyone has the right to be involved in whatever health care procedures are administered to them. While kids may not have the capacity to understand what certain medical terminologies mean, they really need to know what is being done to them. If you don’t tell them, they won’t stop bothering you with questions.

Use a language that both the kid and parent understand while explaining a medical condition or a patient’s medical history. While parents are likely to answer the questions you ask on behalf of their kids, you should give the kid a chance to explain themselves. Give the young fella a chance to explain their condition and what they think before you take any action.

Equip Yourself with Adequate Information

When discussing or talking with kids, don’t play smart always. Of course, the kids know you are their senior, and you are smarter than they are, but that shouldn’t be a reason to take their contributions for nothing. The advance of pop culture has affected modern kids to a great extent, and so you don’t expect them not to understand certain things. You will be amazed to know that the kid you think doesn’t know anything has already discovered about certain musicians, celebrities, gaming characterizes, and medical conditions while exploring the internet for fun.

You may not know some of the things modern kids know. Take time to acquaint yourself well with the culture the young generation love. Consider checking some of the latest Reggae, hip hop, or riddims on YouTube to grasp a concept of what kind of people you are working with.

The latest nursing philosophy requires you to understand kids and come up with tricks to create lasting relationships while working with them. Whatever medical office or position you hold, you must devise strategies on how to make the working environment welcoming and ideal for you to work comfortably with kids of all ages.

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