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There are many animals that can fill your bags with loads and loads of money. Yes, we are not at all kidding, and here we are going to introduce you to the Costliest Animals of The World.

Black Cockatoo

This bird might astonish you, as it is a real and a very beautiful bird. This bird is hardly seen in North Australia or some very rare places. There are reasons why this bird is known as the costliest one. For example, if you have fed this bird something wrong, then it will never forget you. Instead, it will try to harm you as much as possible. Along with this, it is a short-tempered bird. It can’t be kept under a small cage as there are chances that it might ruin or damage the cage completely – The cost of one Black cockatoo is 12 Lakhs.

Black Cockatoo Price
Img Source – Fine Art America

White Lion

There were times when a white lion was considered unreal but in the year 1905, for the first time the white lion was seen, and since then its demand rose high. Still, the population of White lion has not increased, and there are a few of them only due to global warming. A White Lion Cub will cost more than 70 Lakhs.

White Lion
Img Source – RT.com

Horse of Arab

Arab horse is known best for riding all across the world. There are many features that makes this horse magnificent. This horse can work in any nature and any environment. One of the horses of this breed was once sold in the year 1984 at the cost of 80 Crores. It is among the costliest animals of the world.

Price of Arab Horses
Img Source – Egypt Today

Ayam Cemani

Normal chicken will not cost you much, but there is one kind of chicken that will make you go out of the budget. This chicken is completely black. Here we are not only talking about the appearance, but the inner organs are also black. The cost of one Ayam Cemani is around 4 Lakhs.

Price Of Ayam Cemani
Img Source – Amusingplanet.com


This sheep has a 190cm long horn which makes them different from all. Due to illegal poaching, this breed of sheep is getting low in population. Further, this breed has already been added in the list of animals that are going to extinct. Cost of one Argali is around 60 Lakhs in the black market.

Argali Price
Img Source -Worldwidetrophyadventures.com

So, this was the list of Costliest Animals of The World. Let us know which one was your favourite?

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