15 “Photographic” Ideas To Impress Your Valentine’s Couple

Ideas To Impress Your Valenties
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Is Valentine’s Day coming and you still have no gift for the person you love so much !? But how is that oversight possible? Thank goodness that in this post I do not want your boy or your girl to be angry and I will dedicate this article to give you some ideas because you are still on time!

And if you are one of those people who does not like to give away on Valentine’s Day, why do not you think about it this time and really surprise them? Love must be watered, cultivated, pampered if not, the routine of day to day and monotony can trap it in an abyss of apathy that is very difficult to wake up, and you do not want that, why not?

Well why I propose some ideas to give away from the typical perfume, pendant, shirt, blah, blah, blah … You, as an amateur or amateur photography, capture moments, feelings, why, what better gift than something You have captured with your camera, what better gift than to remember the most special moments with that person you love so much, remember them and remind them of her. Here is my list so that on the fourteenth of February you are one of the most romantic people on the planet and surprise your partner with something that brings your essence, your signature and your love.

1. Mini Album

An album that can be used as a keychain of how small it is. It is an original way to tell your story through your best 13 moments. You find it for INR300 to INR500

2. Personalized Magazine

Do you like to write? Here you have an idea of the most original, it is a magazine that you can personalize with your last trip or vacation, with the last year, or with all your love story, how you met … what you want to translate into that magazine but as if you just bought it at the kiosk. In this case, you are the editor or the editor and you decide what you want to tell and how you want to do it.

3. Blanket

Have you always wanted to give a patchwork blanket but you could not because you do not know how to sew? Here you have the solution, you can make your own patchwork of photos that will print you on a polar blanket. Make your collage with the warm memories that you want your cold winter afternoons and ask for your blanket for INR2000

4. Snowball

Snowballs are romantic and endearing in themselves but if, instead of snow, what they contain inside are red hearts they are even more romantic, ask yours with your favorite photo for INR500

5. Memory box

Are you one of those who photograph in a square format? Put all those moments that your camera has hunted in a beautiful box perfect for the occasion. It is a very original gift with a really nice design (not all have to be hearts on Valentine’s Day, love is what you put 😉). You have several boxes to choose from, choose the most romantic!

6. Magnet
There are details that are given with much love and have great value. Stick magnet pictures in the fridge and surprise him or her. These gifts are cheap and you can find one on Amazon for INR500

7. Magic cup

Are you from the group of pranksters? Well, this is your ideal gift. It is a seemingly black cup, very bland, yes, but when you pour a hot liquid on it, it changes color and lets you see the photo that you have decided to print. Send him a secret message and it will cost you around INR200

8. Heart Mug

And speaking of cups, if you are a more direct person you have this option in which there is a very visible heart and you can also feel it. And not only that, but you can also add your own design for INR250 to 450

9. Mousepad With Heart Shape

Yes, of course, there are also heart shaped and with the photo you want to put, you two in a romantic kiss, your pretty face so you have close to you when you work or the most beautiful photo you’ve ever done, that that makes her feel proud or proud that her partner is a lover of photography. From INR200

10. Puzzle Heart

Are you one of those who spends the afternoons of rain fitting pieces and not precisely those of your relationship (because they are already perfectly assembled)? Show your love with a photo and dedication in a puzzle that you can put together in “love and company” 😉You have several prices, here I give you three examples, but if you go through the web you find many more.

11. Bluetooth Loudspeaker

Surely your love has a soundtrack. There will be many songs that are part of your history, you love to listen to them again and again, when you are together or when you are separated and you miss each other. Personalize this speaker with your favorite photo so that those songs sound even more to you. Buy it for INR1500 (approx.).

12. Poster

Another idea is to decorate your house with your displays of affection instead of the others. Then a couple’s poster will be the best bet. You can buy one for INR300

13. Cases For Mobile Or Tablets

Cases and covers are going very well with the love birds. They want to flaunt their phone cases with couple photo printed phone cases. You can avail one at Zepper.in online store.

14. A Case For The Laptop

For your netbook or laptop, give it a case with a photograph made by you and that does not have to carry the usual boring covers. You can buy it for INR500

15. Photobook or Photo Album

It is a gift for the most classic but with an original touch, a book like you can find in any bookstore but with your photos. It can also be a surprise if your partner is passionate about photography that you give this book with their creations. Sure he loves it, we lose that little bit of artistic vanity; -P You have it from INR400.

That special person who is at your side every day, who pampers you, who makes you smile and see the happiest life deserves a special gift, a personalized gift, in which you put all the love of the world. The important thing is not what you spend, it is the care and attention you give to it because in this celebration it is for you to truly demonstrate how much you love it and how special it is for you. I leave you some ideas and places where you can find them, from here you can chat and surf the web if you are more interested in the product of another house. Just do not delay and keep in mind the delivery times, lest you arrive late!

If you think that these ideas can come to you more clueless and clueless from your environment, share it, your partners will thank you and me too. Thanks and see you next time!

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